WJP Password Keeper is excellent with 2FA authenticator.

We securely store and manage all your passwords and sensitive information such as credit cards, government IDs and secure notes.

WJP Password Keeper does not store data in the cloud. Your data remains stored locally and is seamlessly synced P2P across devices that you have WJP Password Keeper installed on.

WJP Password Keeper has many advantages over existing password managers the biggest one being the way your data is stored and synced across devices.

These are the other differentiators:

  • Your sensitive data is not stored in the cloud.
  • WJP Password Keeper seamlessly syncs P2P with other devices that you use.
  • No master password to remember.
  • WJP Password Keeper can store and autofill 2FA tokens, other cloud-based password managers cannot (should not) because they would strip the 2FA part by putting your tokens in the cloud next to your passwords.